Craftsmen at your service

Anthony Ginter and Jean-Sébastien Capdevielle are entrepreneurs and not heirs. All the domains which they possess and administer personally today is the fruit of their work and the entrepreneurial choices which they realized in every place of the world.
On the contrary to numerous big names of the wine-making sector, possessing heritages, marks and vineyards from past generations, Anthony Ginter and Jean-Sébastien Capdevielle never stopped creating their success in the strength of their ideas, in the quality of their actions and in the daring of their choices.

Entrepreneur of the year in France in 2007, President of "the most beautiful company of France" (Classification L’ENTREPRISE, LCI and Ernst and Young in 2007), Anthony Ginter has always liked conjugating his boldness and its humility for what he considers to be the future of the humanity: a healthy and respected earth. He is a rigorous entrepreneur and is fascinated by his vineyard and the magic that represents the wine making and the breeding of every vintage wine.

Founder of CapCal, a recognized cooperative producing a range of foie gras in the southwest of France, successfully fusioned with Delpeyrat Group, Jean Sébastien Capdevielle made splendidly his first steps within the Danone Group. Since 2008, he acquired, in few years, a fame and a remarkable respect on the place of Bordeaux. He established an offer of 4 sought, remarkably built and regular wines. Fine wine grower, he represents the new class of producers of the region of Bordeaux allying modern wine-making vision and a profound respect for soils (sustainable agriculture).

Sales manager during numerous years within a giant of the pharmaceutical sector, Group GSK (GlascoSmithKline), then within Johnson&Johnson, Arnaud Hué is an outstanding commercial manager trained on the techniques of the wine. He undertook since 2016 the creation of a network of sales agents on France and is in charge of sales in Paris (75) and Bordeaux (33). His outstanding personality and his relational skills allow him to maintain a high level of relation with the whole professional clientele.

The good wine making also crosses a rigorous resources management and land investments. The Group leans on the experience of François Marmion. Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations, François Marmion had a remarkable career at Ernst & Young (Paris and Chicago), Poséidon Technologie (Paris) and within the investment fund / family office Helios Capital in London. He possesses all together the qualities of financial manager and strategist acquired from his previous experiences.